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Earlier this month I was in San Francisco where I presented a keynote address for their winter market. I love this city and I love the designers there - talented, serious and kind. The snow in New York City allowed me a bonus day there to play! Sometimes those canceled flights are a gift!

The lovely De Sousa Hughes showroom

A detailed shot of Meander on one of their beautiful chairs

Presenting my keynote - Forward Thinking: Handmade Products for the Modern World

Geoffrey De Sousa accepting the Honor of Distinction award!

My friend/designer Seema Krish and Craig Alder (sales at De Sousa)

A clever way to show samples!

Miette - the most delicious cupcakes in the world

Heath - my favorite ceramics! They also have a new book out, which has contributions from my friends Steven Holt and Mara Skov Holt. 

In Paris with my friend Gary Wheeler as he wins a very special award from IIDA for his design work

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