Friday, July 22, 2016

This past weekend I stopped at the RISD art museum to see the eponymous Todd Oldham's exhibition. Full of inspiration every which way you look-but probably the most inspirational to me personally- was a reminder to take risk more often in my designing.

With Robin Huffman at a showing of her work at Gensler, New York. She is a huge inspiration for her life's work and her generous spirit. Please check out the important work she is doing!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Every year about this time, I make a pilgrimage to my favorite summer dress and bathing suit shop on the upper east side of Manhattan. The designer is Malia Mills.

And every year I try on bathing suits but never buy one (but i think that is more about me than the bathing suit)! Instead, I always walk out with a great dress or cover up. Her styles are simple yet with great care to detail of drape and special sewing treatments. Her fabrics are mostly solids (which I love), and mainly of very fine linens and cottons. Easy to wear.

Bohemian chic.  Here are some of my favorites: