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I recently spent a weekend with my family in Philadelphia. While there, I stumbled upon an exhibition of Shizuko Kimura's work at The Moore College of Art.  My favorite class in art school was figure drawing; I wish I had thought then about using a needle and thread to create my impressions!

Kimura works magic to capture live models with a needle and thread on fabric, without the aid of preliminary sketches or photographs.  She fuses Asian aesthetics with Western concepts of figurative art and abstraction demonstrating the subtlety of the stitched mark with its varieties of line and weight.  This cannot be achieved in any other media.

From her sketch book

I had the honor of attending the New York School of Interior Design's Spring Benefit, which presented a lifetime achievement award to one of my greatest mentors, Jack Lenor Larsen. I would not have the career I have without his guidance and support.

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