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The changes in season, whichever season, always makes me feel nostalgic until we are fully into the next (perhaps that is how I am with most changes).  I love spring, but will miss much about winter...

Here are some photos from my friend Andrea Wild taken in Altstätten, Switzerland just a few weeks ago...


A poem from Mary McGowan:

Ice is becoming itself

random crystal clusters

kirigami trees   silhouetted

against the last light

       too late, too late

we watch snow fall

through picture windows

       candles and matches

within reach

should all else   fail


At my friend Jessica's dinner party I had the priviledge of sitting next to Richard Rosenblatt. I fell in love with his winter landscapes...

Court Street in Winter

Blizzard on Atlantic Avenue

Central Park Storm

Getting into the Cab

A final snow angel...

My daugher Sophie

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